50 книг по телесно-ориентированной психотерапии и ТДТ

Alexander F.M. — Man’s Supreme Inheritance
Alexander F.M. — Constructive Conscious Control Of The Individual
Alexander F.M. — The Use of The Self
Alexander F.M. — The Universal Constant in Living
Alexander Lowen — Bioenergetica
Alexander Lowen — Love And Orgasm — A Revolutionary View of the Role of Love in Sex

Alexander Lowen — The Language of the Body (Physical Dynamics of Character Structure)
Andre Bernard — Ideokinesis
Andrea Olsen — Body Stories
Balk & Shields — Master the Art of Working Out
David Berceli — The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process
Elizabeth Beringer — Embodied Wisdom — Collected Papers of Moshe Feldenkrais
Eric Franklin — Conditioning for dance
Eric Franklin — Dance Imagery for Technique and Performance
Eric Franklin — Dynamic alignment through imagery
Eric Franklin — Relax Your Neck Liberate Your Shoulders
Eva Horvitz — Dance-Movement Therapy with Fibro-Myalgia Patients
Feldenkrais M. — Body & Mature Behavior
Feldenkrais M. — Awareness Through Movement
Feldenkrais M. — Body Awareness — The Case of Nora
Feldenkrais M. — The Elusive Obvious
Feldenkrais M. — The Master Moves
Feldenkrais M. — The Potent Self
Frank Wildman — The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement
Frank Wildman — Change Your Age — Feldenkrais
John Rolland — Inside Motion
Linda Hartley — Wisdom of the Body Moving
Michael Brown- The Presence Process
Michael Brown- The Presence Process
Michael Gelb — Body learning (1987)(2nd edition)
Michael Gelb — Body learning (1st edition)
Michael Nagel — Getting Grounded
Missy Vineyard — How you Stand Move Live
Nick Totton — New Dimensions in Body Psychotherapy
Noel Kingsley — Perfect Poise, Perfect Life
Patsy Rodenburg — Presence
Peggy Hackney — Making Connections. Total Body Integration Through Bartenieff Fundamentals
Richard Brennan — The Alexander Technique Workbook
Richard Craze — Teach Yourself Alexander Technique
Ron Kurtz — The Body Reveals
Ruth Zaporah — Action Theater
Ruthy Alon — Mindful Spontaneity — Lessons in the Feldenkrais Method
Sarah Barker — The Alexander Technique
Steven Shafarman — Awareness Heals
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Body-Mind Disciplines
Thomas Hanna — Explorers of Humankind
Thomas Hanna — Somatics
Vladimir Mirodan — The Way of Transformation — The Laban-Malmgren System of Dramatic Character Analysis
Yochanan Rywerant — The Feldenkrais Method — Teaching By Handling

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