I am Igor, a psychotherapist. 

I live in Kiev, Ukraine, and work in Gestalt-approach with English-speaking clients online.

My additional expertise is body oriented psychotherapy, therapy of couples (learnt from Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb) and family mediation.

Besides psychotherapy I  teach and dance tango, practice tango-therapy (own concept of integrating social tango into Gestalt approach), write psychological essays.

Contact me via Viber / WhatsApp +3 (8 096) 447 52 04


Tango lesson

– Igor, can I make an appointment with you? Time, place, everything’s agreed. – Come on in. Do you need to change clothes? Surprised look. – What for? Indeed, the dress is light. – Have you got changeable shoes? Extremely suspicious puzzled look. – But is it really necessary? Well, it’s dry outside, in sneakers …


Please contact me via Viber / WhatsApp +3 (8 096) 447 52 04 or fill in the form below:

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