Narcissistic existential loneliness

Once I was deeply impressed by the words of Irvin Yalom about loneliness, existential isolation.

“The impassable gap between individuals”, “we enter life alone and leave it alone,” “each of us exists in our own world, the laws of which only we know ourselves,” “Existential loneliness is associated with the loss of … the whole world … This the world does not exist anywhere else – only in our consciousness.”

Beautiful. And deeply narcissistic, quite in the spirit of that era in psychotherapy.

The gap between people is not only passable; the personality itself “happens” at the moment of passing it. We do not come to this world lonely, not even just with the other person, but inside the other person. We do not exist in our own world, but in the field.

Consciousness – only a small descriptive part. “I cannot not exist without Thou”
It is interesting how concepts and beliefs change painlessly into polar ones depending on needs.