Tango lesson

– Igor, can I make an appointment with you?

Time, place, everything’s agreed.

– Come on in. Do you need to change clothes?

Surprised look.

– What for?

Indeed, the dress is light.

– Have you got changeable shoes?

Extremely suspicious puzzled look.

– But is it really necessary?

Well, it’s dry outside, in sneakers are OK too.

– Let’s just walk to the music.

Confusion on the verge of horror. This happens. So we start.

– Do not rush. There will be more contact If you pretend to be lazy and slow-witted.

The second tune. A great walk in general.

– Can I ask? Are you Igor?

– Well yes. Keep all your feet on the floor.


… And you are … this … not this … are you here for tango lesson?  Or therapy … Right now. I’ll bring chairs …

– Nooo! Keep going!

Scheduling tango lessons and therapy appointments is easy. Only a blue haze quietly flows from ears. But in general it’s easy.

c) Igor Zabuta, psychotherapist; https://izabuta.com/en/